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Evelyn’s Banquet Bayou Mix - Supplemental Feeding Bluebirds And Other Species
By: Evelyn Cooper

Supplemental feeding is exactly that, feeding when birds need it most and for any other reasons such as photo taking and observation, supplemental is the key word. I like to feed a banquet mix I make because it is nutritionally better and easier to me than the hassle of meal worms. Meal worms are not complete in nutrients and they need to be added to the worms, especially if supplied heavily and year round. Bluebirds will eat them and leave other foods alone if they are offered.

Evelyn’s Banquet Bayou Mix :

Mix together half and half (i.e. 2 cups each) of chunky peanut butter and lard (not shortening). Add alternately, yellow corn meal (my preference) and dry cooking oats until the mixture is not sticky and glistening. It will be dry and little balls will form in the mix. The birds love it this way. I put it on the feeder and many different species come to dine. I especially love the male Red-bellied Woodpecker that comes. A little sugar can be added during the winter months for extra energy. I do not put fruits in the mix as there are several species that do not eat the raisins or other fruits. I put a little on the feeder during the summer months, no more than will be eaten within an hour because of the heat. They do come get a tidbit, but they mostly abandon the feeder for the grasshoppers, crickets and other critters they love so much. That is what I want them to do.

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