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While you enjoy these images, click on the The Bluebird Song to hear this instrumental piece written by LBBS member, Kenny Kleinpeter and dedicated to Evelyn Cooper, the bluebird's best friend.

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Photo by Leonard L. Colvin

Bluebird Baby

Photo by Phil Berry

Eastern Bluebird

Photo by Phil Berry, Gulf Breeze, FL, mrtony8@mchsi.com

First Baby of 2004 (encapsulating eggshell was removed!)

(Photo by Kenny Kleinpeter, Baton Rouge, LA)

Copulation by David Kinneer, VA

Photo by Wendell Long, Waynesville, OH

Wendell's Photos

Moment of Impact

by David Kinneer, VA

Multi-fledges Feeding

(Photo by Jerry Beauregard, LA)


photo by Phil Berry

A mother Chickadee ejected a Bluebird pair from this nest after eggs were laid.  She went on to lay her eggs and raise the entire brood.  (Photo by Charles Musser, Bainbridge, PA)  Picture of the bluebirds and chickadees being brooded together.  (Photo by Charles Musser, Bainbridge, PA)

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