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Welcome to the LBBS web site!

We hope that you find everything you need for helping bluebirds in our area and meeting people with the same passion! Please consider becoming a member of LBBS;  everything you need to join is on our "Join LBBS" page.

Use our LA Hotline for instant bluebird answers and advice.

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Our Mission

The Louisiana Bayou Bluebird Society is dedicated to the protection, propagation, and enjoyment of the Eastern Bluebird and other native cavity nesting birds.  Our mission is to assist in monitoring and increasing the population of the these birds by participation in a statewide nestbox program; to educate and inform the people of our state on the ecology and management of the Eastern Bluebird through schools, clubs, and other organizations; to conduct research on the Eastern Bluebird and it's habitat selection; and to cooperate and coordinate with other organizations with purposes similar to those set forth herein.

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Sheryl Bassi
Address: 356 Lord Road, Girard, LA 71264

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