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2019 Annual Meeting
Jack and Deb Hoover, West Monroe, made it to the meeting. Jack is doing great! His heart doctor gave him the “green light” to build bluebird boxes! Kevin Corwin, 1st V/P of the North American Bluebird Society was a
delightful speaker for the annual meeting for Meeting Highlights Section.
LBBS President, Sheryl Bassi, presents the Bluebirder of The Year Award to
Sylvia Kidder, Many, LA
Tom Allen, Oak Ridge, LA, keynote speaker The group enjoying Tom Allen, Oak Ridge's presentation on his battle with
the House Sparrow on his trail
2018 Annual Meeting - South Toledo Bend State Park, Anacoco, LA
Sylvia Kidder and Margaret Kemp, Many helped put our LBBS sign at entrance of Meeting Room. Margaret Kemp, left and Sylvia Kidder, right, Many give the end of the year report on Hodges Gardens Bluebird Trail at the Annual Meeting. LBBS President Sheryl Bassi, Oak Ridge presents the “2018 LBBS Bluebirder of The Year” award to Joan Brown, Rayville, LA
Marilynn Lewis and Cheryl Russell chatting at the social hour before the Annual Meeting    
2017 Annual Meeting - Black Bayou Welcome Center, Monroe, LA
Sheryl Bassi, Oak Ridge, left, presents the LBBS 2017 Bluebirder of The Year Award to Marilynn Lewis, right, Choudrant, LA at the annual meeting, September 30th, 2017 Hill Kemp, Many, getting his banjo warmed up for the Bluebird Song that he wrote a few years ago Dr. Jim Padgett, Monroe discusses bluebird problems in his yard with Evelyn Cooper, Delhi
Left to right, Margaret Kemp, Many, Joan Brown, Rayville, Sheryl Bassi, Oak Ridge, enjoying the social and registration hour before the meeting begins 2017 LBBS Group at the Annual Meeting Black Bayou Welcome Center, National Wildlife Refuge Center, Monroe, LA
Dr. Jim Padgett, Ann Clark and Ann Padgett, Monroe visiting at the social hour LBBS attendees registering and enjoying the social hour and waiting for others to arrive Bro. Bernard and Anita Duchesne became new LBBS members at the Saturday , September 30, 2017 Annual Meeting!
Emily Winners, Lecompte and Sheryl Bassi, Oak Ridge, LA catching up at the social hour Bernard Duchesne, Dunn, LA presents his program on photography. His photography is something to take notice of. He is pastor of Dunn Baptist Church Joan Brown, Start, LA helps at registration table. Joan also helped with setting up for the meeting on Friday. She serves as LBBS Secretary/Treasurer and does great service for LBBS!
2016 Annual Meeting - Smith's Landing, Lecompte, LA
Emily Winners, President, presents the award for LBBS “Bluebirder of The Year, 2016” Award for Hill Kemp, Many. He could not be there and his award will be mailed to him. Pauline Humphries, Lecompte, left, and Jim Johnson, Lecompte, the keynote speaker. Pauline serves as LBBS Historian. Jim’s program at the meeting was great and photography was outstanding. Joan Brown, Monroe, from left, incoming LBBS Secretary/Treasure, Emily Winners, Lecompte, outgoing LBBS President, and Gladys Ford, Lecompte, outgoing Recording Secretary. LBBS is so fortunate to have these hardworking ladies for the organization.
2015 Annual Meeting - Black Bayou Welcome Center, Monroe, LA
James Dean, Marion, LA was the keynote speaker for the 2015 LBBS Annual Meeting. His presentations are always so full of great information. Tom and Becky Garza, Ruston, are faithful lifetime members. We always enjoying visiting with them at the meetings. Deb Hoover, West Monroe, displays the beautiful bluebird platter she brought to serve the wonderful food on. Thanks to Deb for her faithful service and support!
Some LBBS members enjoying the meeting. LBBS member, Joan Brown, Rayville, is shown at the registration table. She is an avid bluebirder and also expert birder.  
2014 Annual Meeting - Calvary Baptist Church, Monroe, LA
New members joined at the Annual Meeting, Wanda and Marvin Colvin, Oak Ridge, LA Pauline Humphries, Lecompte, LA served at the registration table for the Annual Meeting Sheryl Bassi, Oak Ridge and Jimmie Dean, Marion, catching up on news at the Annual Meeting
Nice door prizes at the October 5, 2014 Annual Meeting. Emily Winners, Lecompte, President LBBS, shows the Bluebirder of The Year 2014 Certificate of Award going to Gov. Mike Foster, Franklin, who was unable to attend the meeting. Keith and Sandy Kridler, Mt. Pleasant, TX, gave such a wonderful presentation at the LBBS 2014 Annual Meeting.
2013 Annual Meeting - Smith's Landing, Lecompte, LA
LBBS Banner at Smith’s Landing at our 2013 Annual Meeting Left to right at Annual Meeting, Margaret and Hill Kemp, Many, Marilynn Lewis and Ann Padgett, Monroe Deb Hoover, West Monroe, won the Nikon Binoculars at the LBBS Annual Meeting, Lecompte, LA, September 28, 2013. Husband, Jack, is checking them out.
Hill Kemp, Many, led the group in singing the Bluebird Song he wrote and dedicated to Evelyn Cooper, Delhi.LA at the Annual Meeting September 28, 2013. Kenny Kleinpeter, keynote speaker for the LBBS 2013 Annual Meeting held at Lecompte, LA, September 28, 2013. Sheryl Cooper Bassi, Oak Ridge, LA was honored as LBBS “Bluebirder of The Year, 2013 “ at the Annual Meeting at Lecompte, LA September 28, 2013.
2012 Annual Meeting - Black Bayou, Monroe, LA
Emily Winners, left seated, and Gladys Ford, right seated, greet and register Marilyn and Joe Daniel for the Annual Meeting. Margaret Kemp, Many, left, and Evelyn Cooper, Delhi, right, finalize the days program. On the right is Alton Puckett, Lake Charles inspection a Ron Kingston Stovepipe predator guard. John Tidwell, LBBS Sec/Treasurer, Monroe, gives Mildred Hyde, Monroe and Deb Hoover, West Monroe a hand. They are on the Refreshment Committee.
Tom Allen, Oak Ridge, LA, LBBS Bluebirder of The Year 2012 Tena Taylor, Calhoun City, MS, the keynote speaker for the meeting registers. Folks begin to gather and visit and check out displays and bluebird information provided.
Marilyn and Joe Daniel take LBBS Fact Sheets handouts and North American Bluebird Society “Bluebird” Journals donated by NABS. Hill Kemp, Many, brought his banjo to accompany the bluebird song he wrote just hours prior to the meeting. With the assistance of his wife, Margaret, the group joined in signing from copies he provided for them. It was a peppy tune and folks were singing, clapping and smiling. What a fun way to end a meeting! Hill Kemp, Many, played two beautiful numbers “Wind Beneath My Wings” and “Amazing Grace” on his Psaltry, a unique instrument dating back hundreds of years ago.
  Margaret Kemp, LBBS president, presents the “Bluebirder of The Year, 2012” award to Tom Allen, Oak Grove. Jack Hoover, Monroe, is part of the Refreshment Committee and a great nest box builder for LBBS.
2011 Annual Meeting - Hodges Gardens, Florien, LA
Left to right: Marilynn Lewis, Ruston, Sandra Williams, Monroe, Evelyn Cooper, Delhi, Margaret Kemp, Hill Kemp, Many, Sheryl Bassi, Leland, MS, Emily Winners and Gladys Ford, Lecompte, LA. President Margaret Kemp presents Emily Winners her award as “Bluebirder of The Year 2011”. Attendees enjoy Keith Kridler’s presentation immensely. Note the picture on the screen of the male Bluebird feeding juveniles is by Dr. Jerry Beauregard, West Monroe, in “The Bluebird Monitor’s Guide”.
Left to right are Dr. Jerry Beauregard, Monroe, Keith Kridler, Mt. Pleasant and Jane Beauregard, Monroe. In “The Bluebird Monitor’s Guide”, Jerry’s picture of a male parent Bluebird feeding five juveniles on top of the nest box is quite impressive! Left to right: Emily Winners and Gladys Ford, Lecompte, help Marilynn Lewis, Ruston as she signs in at the registration table. Jack and Deb Hoover, West Monroe, sign in for the meeting. They stayed in the cabins on the park grounds and reported seeing a flock of Bluebirds right by their cabin in the early morning.
2010 Annual Meeting - Biedenham Museum, Monroe, LA
Mary Jane Shearer speaks on “Planting For The Birds and For Bluebirds” Hill and Margaret Kemp, Many, receive their “Certificates of Appreciation" Door Prizes are always fun!
Gladys Ford and Emily Winners, Lecompte accept their “Certificates of Appreciation” awards presented by Mary Jane Shearer, Tucker, GA Marilynn Lewis, Ruston, helps Terry Johnson, Longview, TX, register for the Annual Meeting.  
2009 Annual Meeting - LSU Museum of Natural Sciences, Baton Rouge, LA
Alethea Brown accepts her Certificate of Appreciation at the LBBS 2009 Annual Meeting at LSU Museum of Natural Science, Baton Rouge, LA Nan Himel, Lake Charles, accepts the Certificate of Appreciation for Alton Puckett, Lake Charles, at the 2009 Annual Meeting, who was unable to attend. Mildred Hyde, seated, takes care of registration at the 2009 LBBS Annual Meeting at the LSU Museum of Natural Science. Standing is Deb Hoover, West Monroe
  Left to right: Mary Kyle Allen, Molly Allen and Riley Bridges, Oak Ridge, had a great time at the 2009 Annual Meeting at the LSU

Museum of Natural Science.

2008 Annual Meeting - Black Bayou Educational Center, Baton Rouge, LA
Sheryl Cooper Bassi, Leland, MS, accepts the Certificate of Appreciation Award for her brother, Clayton Cooper, Delhi, who was unable to attend the 2008 Annual Meeting at Black Bayou Education Center in Monroe. Clayton is one of the founders of LBBS, charter member and board member. Tom Allen, Oak Ridge, receives his well deserved “Certificate of Appreciation”, from Kenny Kleinpeter at the 2008 Annual Meeting at Black Bayou Educational Center, Monroe. Dr. Sam Scurria, Delhi, receives his “Certificate of Appreciation” at the Black Bayou Education Center, Monroe, Annual Meeting 2008.
Margaret Kemp, Many, receives her Certificate of Appreciation at the 2008 Annual Meeting at the Education Center at Black Bayou, Monroe. Mildred Hyde, Monroe, gave a wonderful presentation on what to carry with you on the trail to monitor the nest boxes at our 2008 Annual Meeting at Black Bayou Education Center, Monroe.  
Louisiana Earth Day 2008, Baton Rouge

Penny Howard, Baker, works the table with abandoned eggs and nests for "show and tell",  answers questions and gives advice.

Earth Day paraders pass by the side of the Old Capitol State Building. The Children’s Table at Earth Day was a huge success.
  More smiling faces in Earth Day Parade.  

2007 Annual Meeting,

LSU Museum of Natural Sciences, Baton Rouge

Steve Cardiff gives insight to “behind the scenes lab work at the museum. LBBS members in awe as Steve Cardiff shows a pair of Ivory-bills collected in 1887 on the "behind the scenes" tours. Yvonne and Al Bordelon enjoy the annual meeting and tours.
  LBBS members and guests enjoying the annual meeting speaker, Dr. Fred Sheldon. Hummers, large and small from the LSU collection.

2006 Fall Workshop and Annual Meeting,

Monroe, LA

Black Bayou Conservation Learning Center, Monroe, LA Nestbox Workshop led by James Berry Keynote Speaker, James Berry on his nestbox design.
  Evelyn, Kenny and Sheryl  

2005 Fall Nestbox Workshop and Annual Meeting

Monroe, LA

Hannah O'Neal, Dodson, LA proudly displays her finished nestbox. Workshop participants assemble nestboxes. Workshop participants assemble nestboxes.
  Gary Springer, Executive Director, NABS shares a light moment with Mary Jane Shearer.  

 2004 LBBS Annual Meeting - Monroe, LA

Keynote speaker, Keith Kridler, naturalist, gives slide presentation to captive audience Jimmy Dean helps Rick Wheat's family assemble nestboxes. Left to right: Mary Jane Shearer, Tucker, GA, Kenny Kleinpeter, Baton Rouge and Evelyn Cooper, Delhi visit with Keith and Sandy Kridler, Mt. Pleasant, TX, before the meeting
Roselie Overby, Oak Grove, takes care of registration Deb Hoover, Monroe, receives her “Certificate of Appreciation” from Evelyn Cooper Standing Evelyn Cooper instructs participants at the nest box workshop held before the meeting
  Jimmie Orr, Oak Grove, is one of the instructors for the nest box workshop. He explains the important features of a well made nest box.  
April 2004 Spring Event and Nestbox Workshop
Plenty of good reference material and displays. Nobody can slap a nestbox together quite like our president, Evelyn Cooper. Some of the workshop participants learning from the masters, Cecil Tarver (seated in front) and Sheryl Bassi (standing).
September 2003 Annual Meeting and Nestbox Workshop
Tena Taylor, MS Bluebirds; Evelyn Cooper, LBBS; Pauline Tom, TX Bluebird Society; and Dr. Shirl Brunell Dr. Brunell autographs copies of her book, I Hear Bluebirds Members of Cub Scout Pack 8, Monroe, show off their building skills.
  From left: Tom Miles, Baton Rouge; Grant Pichon, Slidell; and Leo Terzia, Monroe  
2002 Annual Meeting -- Waddill Wildlife Refuge Center, Baton Rouge, LA
Cheyenne Coleman, Oak Grove handles the raffle while Sheryl Bassi, Leland, MS does registration. Kenneth Francis  (Denham Springs, La) with his raffle prize, “The Bluebird Monitor’s Guide” Bill Davis (Gulf Breeze, FL) shares his bluebird wisdom as  speaker Tena Taylor (Calhoun City, MS) looks on.
Shane Marcotte (Denham Springs, LA) proudly displays his door prize, a beautiful bluebird platter. The group enjoys speaker, Tena Taylor (Calhoun City, MS) with Mississippi Bluebird Society.  
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